When threats like drone swarms evolve at the speed of commercial development, defensive technologies that combat these challenges must evolve even more quickly. That’s why Lockheed Martin has worked across multiple services to rapidly develop and prove a key Counter-Unmanned Aerial System defensive capability: MORFIUS – a reusable, high-power microwave-based interceptor for C-UAS and C-swarm scenarios.

Unparalleled capabilities

MORFIUS’s compact airborne system provides extended range and an onboard seeker to help relieve sensor requirements for expeditionary systems, allowing it to be compatible with various defense service architectures.

Designed for the Expeditionary Force

MORFIUS is designed to be tube-launched from an air, ground or on-the-move vehicle platform, supporting a layered defense approach as a force multiplier in the Integrated Air & Missile Defense mission area.
Engineered with decades of expertise in high-powered microwave (HPM) technology, MORFIUS has demonstrated capability to integrate with any command and control network through open interfaces.
MORFIUS is capable of simultaneously defeating multiple threats in a single defensive attack and combating swarms.

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