Business Integrity

Business Integrity

Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) will be the latest satellite to enhance our military’s ability to detect missile launches. SBIRS also detects other phenomena, such as wildfires, volcanic eruptions and space debris.

Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) will be the latest satellite to enhance our military’s ability to detect missile launches. SBIRS also detects other phenomena, such as wildfires, volcanic eruptions and space debris.


To advance standards and controls for ethical business conduct that strengthen customer relationships, supplier partnerships and workplace integrity.

We apply proven methodologies and innovative training techniques to cultivate ethical thinking among our employees and develop resources and tools to advance integrity across our industry.

Conducting business with the utmost integrity engenders trust and fosters a resilient valuechain and a high-performing, transparent work environment. This not only attracts more customers and helps us retain the best talent, it reduces risk and ensures that the safety of societies and citizens will not be subverted by corruption.

Sustainability factors

Through our biennial assessment of sustainability issues, we classified two tiers of priorities: Tier 1 performance factors where we seek to accelerate progress by setting targets for 2017 and 2020; and Tier 2 factors that we will advance through continued management and disclosure, without setting new SMP goals. We define Business Integrity through these factors:

Tier 1

Ethical Governance and leadership

Efforts to maintain consistent, transparent and high ethical standards and practices across our business.

Anti-Bribery and corruption controls

Efforts to prevent bribery and corruption among employees, suppliers and contractors.

Supplier Conduct

Helping suppliers strengthen management and disclosure on ethical, labor, human rights and environmental issues.

Responsible sales

Efforts to ensure sales are conducted ethically and fairly, with careful consideration for export controls and trade policies, products’ intended use and impact on civilian needs.

Tier 2

Human and labor rights

Efforts to prevent abusive labor practices and civil liberties violations in business operations and supply chain in a manner consistent with internationally recognized standards.

Supplier diversity

Efforts to enhance procurement opportunities for small business suppliers by supporting their organizational development and competitiveness.

Conflict Minerals

Efforts to monitor and manage conflict mineral use, as defined in section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act, in our product manufacturing and supply chain.

Case study

Strong Ethical Leadership and Culture

Analyzing the results of our new IBM-designed employee survey on business strategy execution, including leadership effectiveness, agility and innovation, employee experience and diversity and inclusion sustainability issues gave us direction on how we can improve our organizational impact.

Our Ethics Reporting

Ethics Contacts

(per 1,000 employees)

Investigation feedback scores

(Satisfaction is scored on a five-point scale)
Case study

Zero-Tolerance Corruption Policy

Our business is subject to numerous anti-corruption and bribery laws and regulations prohibiting lavish or extravagant hospitality intended to improperly influence government officials. We developed and implemented new data analytics software to help ensure our anti-bribery and corruption performance consistently evolves to adhere to best practices.
Case study

Strengthening Cybersecurity

Failure to protect sensitive federal information can affect the U.S. government’s ability to carry out its missions and operations, including those related to critical infrastructure and public safety. Our own security systems for sensitive customer data exceed compliance but we need our suppliers to comply with relevant standards and be resilient to cyber threats.
Case study

Robust International Business Compliance

We engage with more than 150 consultants working outside the U.S. for, or on behalf of, Lockheed Martin. We ensure our consultants operate within our policies and execute contract terms without exception by maintaining a robust compliance program for our international business through tailored risk assessments and audit plans.
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