Lockheed Martin employees collaborating in front of a computer at the Innovation Garage.

Talent Development


Ensure all employees have the knowledge, skills and work assignments to achieve performance goals in a dynamic business environment.


Developing a robust, diverse workforce is complex. We strive to maintain a multifaceted approach to cultivate individual and team growth and development, diverse experiences and relationships with leaders. We look for opportunities to enable employees to apply their passion for purposeful innovation. Connecting employees with roles related to their personal strengths helps us attract and retain diverse talent and enhances our competitiveness as a next-generation technology company and employer of choice.

Lockheed Martin employees participating in a tour.

Employees experienced a senior leadership capabilities tour at our RMS facility in Orlando, Florida during an employee open house.

Lockheed Martin is proud to offer education, training and leadership development programs to prepare workers for long-standing careers in aerospace and defense. In 2020, each employee engaged in an average of 25.2 hours of training from our internal Learning Management System and took advantage of a variety of external training opportunities funded by Lockheed Martin. We develop a range of programs to reach individuals throughout the talent pipeline—from college-bound students, to those considering technical trades, to members of our current workforce. Our aim is to empower our current and future employees with the knowledge and skills they need to drive innovation and grow their careers. Our Human Resources (HR) team is leveraging digital transformation to improve human capital development efforts at Lockheed Martin. For example, our HR team uses a people analytics suite tool to track individual employee performance and development on a dashboard. Tools like these allow our people managers to help employees set and achieve goals, target talent development efforts and facilitate workforce planning.

Changing customer needs also impact the leadership and technical skills required of our workforce. To best prepare our workforce we provide in-person, virtual and self-paced learning opportunities to develop critical program management skills. In 2020, our curriculum virtually educated over 700 program managers and team members on corporate and Business Area management skills. In addition to our training curriculum, the Program Management Talent Initiative (PMTI) cultivates underrepresented candidates with executive leadership potential. We track the career paths of current and graduate PMTI participants to ensure we give qualified diverse talent the opportunities to become executives in our key customer programs.

We also create and implement skill development programs to help current employees upskill into roles needed by new and growing areas of our business. One example is our Cyber-Accelerator Program (CAP). This program is open to eligible and interested current Lockheed Martin engineers and provides the training, mentoring and hands-on experience they need to successfully make a shift into the cybersecurity career space. We had 56 participants in 2020, and we look forward to growing this program in the future.

To help build a strong talent pipeline for the aerospace and defense industry as a whole, in 2018 Lockheed Martin committed to create 8,000 new apprenticeships and work-based learning opportunities through 2023. As of 2020, we are 53 percent of the way toward our goal, having created 4,300 of these opportunities. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, we worked to move as many of our training and apprentice programs online as possible so that participants could continue to learn and grow remotely.

Our talent is the backbone of Lockheed Martin and sets us apart from the competition. Having a strong pipeline of talent is critical to our ability to deliver on the Corporation’s commitments. Our talent management strategy aligns to and enables achievement of our business strategy, ensuring we have diverse and robust talent pipelines for our leadership positions and for the most important talent segments. Succession management is the holistic process of acquiring, planning and developing the next generation of talent within an organization; it secures future leadership capability, which is critical to deliver organizational performance through careful consideration of the talent and positions that are required for an organization’s success. Succession management continues to be a driving strategic priority. With this focus, we build the next generation of talent.

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To learn more about Lockheed Martin Workforce Impact, please visit our website.

2020 SMP Goals

Maintain a lower voluntary attrition rate among top performing employees as compared to the employee population.


Success: We achieved a lower attrition rate among top-performing employees compared to all employees this year.

Increase succession planning for senior leadership.


Success: We have increased our succession planning rate for senior leadership in comparison to our 2015 baseline.

Talent Development
Preparing Students for Careers in Software and Cybersecurity

One program we use to build our talent pipeline and set students up for success is our Software Associate Degree Program (SWAP). We designed this three-year program to attract, develop and retain early career technical professionals in software and cyber-related industries. The program accepts students while they are working toward their associate degree to accelerate the clearance process and prepare candidates to join Lockheed Martin after graduation. Lockheed Martin currently offers SWAP through seven community college partners, and we are planning to expand its reach.

Talent Development
Atlas Learning with Career and Competency Integration

Lockheed Martin is working to optimize the Career Development Experience for employees. The vision is to have careers that provide meaningful experiences where employees own their career paths and discover opportunities to enable our mission and fuel our future growth. A key part of that journey was the replacement of Lockheed Martin’s current end-of-life Learning Management System with a modern, rich learning experience that not only efficiently manages compliance and certifications, but helps employees achieve all their learning and development goals. As an overall integrated system connecting a wide range of rich formal and social learning content with career development tools, Lockheed Martin employees can plan their careers and grow their skills all in one place. To date since our August launch, we have had 100 percent of our employees leverage the new Atlas Learning tool and 40,000 participate in learning cohorts or knowledge sharing groups through our social learning tool Atlas Connect.

Talent Development
Critical Skills Development Pathways

Lockheed Martin created Critical Skills Development Pathways (CSDP), a program targeting employees with adjacent skills, to prepare for current and emerging critical roles, starting with a focus on Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Autonomy and Data Science. CSDP currently includes 153 learning pathways and empowers employees to target their individual needs, fill skill gaps and accelerate their professional development. Pathways include courses from vendors such as Coursera, as well as curated university courses from institutions such as Stanford, Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland and Penn State. To support agile skill development, Lockheed Martin employees are now able to receive college credit and continuing education units without having to enroll in a full degree or certificate program. Through continued engagement with the Digital Transformation Program, Lockheed Martin is leveraging and developing pathways in areas of Software Factories, Model-Based Engineering, Data Literacy and Intelligent Factories, to name a few.

Since CSDP launched in November 2019, more than 1,000 courses have been completed, which were advertised to 1,120 employees in targeted roles in all Business Areas. CSDP is now expanding into a larger effort to address Critical Skills more holistically across Lockheed Martin and expand further. Pathways are also being mapped to Lockheed Martin career competencies and paths, connecting skill development with career advancement.

Talent Development
Remote Working Resource Center

Working in conjunction with the Remote Work Task Force, Lockheed Martin established the Remote Working Resource Center, which provides articles, best practices, tutorials and other guides to support the mindset, toolset and skillset that contribute to productive remote working. Employees can explore resources targeting individual performance, team dynamics and effective remote leadership. We partnered with each Business Area to collect resources already in circulation, and we added them to our collection of Executive Leadership Development resources. The Remote Working Resource Center includes a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), a roadmap for first-time visitors and a link to the Remote Working Slack Channel.

Talent Development
Training Aspiring Locals to Engineer a New Tomorrow

In 2020, the Manassas T.A.L.E.N.T. (Training Aspiring Locals to Engineer a New Tomorrow) program reached apprenticeship status. The program capitalizes on the ever-increasing level of technical expertise that individuals are developing prior to college through high school career and technical education programs and programs like Project Lead The Way, a Lockheed Martin science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) partner. T.A.L.E.N.T. provides a full-time job with training, mentoring and hands-on-experience to capable high school graduates that are not immediately entering a four-year college. To learn more about Lockheed Martin apprenticeship opportunities, please visit our Apprenticeships website.

Employee Wellbeing