A technicians at Lockheed Martin Space in Littleton, Colorado working on a microchip.

Counterfeit Parts Prevention


Prevent counterfeit parts from entering the company’s supply chain and potentially affecting product quality, safety and performance.


Lockheed Martin’s customers count on our products and services to be reliable and ready for use when needed. The inclusion of sub-standard and unreliable parts in a Lockheed Martin product presents a serious threat to our goal of producing mission critical hardware that our customers rely on. One cause of sub-standard and unreliable parts is counterfeit components. Counterfeit components can lead to product failure, put human health and safety at risk, negatively impact intellectual property, threaten national security and increase costs due to the need for additional quality control measures.

To ensure the extension of our quality standards through our value chain, we require Lockheed Martin’s suppliers to implement certain safeguards to reduce the risk of introducing counterfeit parts and materials in their own supply chains. We provide our suppliers with resources for preventing counterfeit parts, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) documents, and a list of actions to help suppliers avoid, identify and report potential counterfeits to Lockheed Martin.

Our customers have continued to place greater emphasis on product component traceability, sourcing from the original manufacturer or an authorized dealer and taking additional mitigation measures to ensure authenticity. In response to these evolving expectations, Lockheed Martin continually updates our counterfeit prevention training. We also continue to keep our internal stakeholders aware of the threat of counterfeits with practices for avoidance, prevention and mitigation.

2020 SMP Goals

Maintain or reduce instances of counterfeit parts in delivered systems.


Partial Success: 1 suspect counterfeit delivered to customer. As a result, Government-Industry Data Exchange Programs were issued.

Product Impact