Creating a high-performance, inclusive workplace culture that engages employees and creates rewarding career paths for our current and future workforce.

The Science

Future space travel, autonomous machines, and national defense arsenals rely on the scientists and technologists we hire to push the boundaries of their fields. We motivate employees through our talent development, inclusion, wellbeing and benefits programs and our mission to innovate a better future.

The Science

Talented, resilient, and engaged employees drive performance and innovation. Our employees generate wide-ranging societal solutions to complex global challenges.

Employee Wellbeing


  • Workplace Safety and WellnessEnsuring a safe and healthy workforce and workplace through ergonomic and operational design, protective work practices, worker resilience, and targeted safety and health risk reduction techniques.

  • Talent DevelopmentEnsuring all employees have the knowledge, skills, and work assignments to achieve performance goals in a dynamic business environment.

  • Talent RecruitmentRecruiting employees with relevant skills and investing in a talent pool of future employees.

  • Diversity and InclusionCreating a workplace that fosters a sense of belonging and where the diverse talents and unique perspectives of our people drive affordable and innovative solutions for our customers and business success.


Great Minds in STEM (GMIS)

What We Did

Lockheed Martin is a proud sponsor of both Great Minds in STEM (GMIS) and Viva Technology™. GMIS motivates underserved students to pursue careers in STEM. Viva Technology™ is a national K-12 education program designed to stimulate interest in and provide access to STEM-focused career pathways by engaging with students, teachers, and parents. In 2019, GMIS produced several first-time accomplishments in partnership with Lockheed Martin. We extended 163 Same Day Offers, the most Same Day Offers of any Lockheed Martin event, representing a total increase of 66% compared to 2018. We hosted six Viva Program events including our first engagement at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez for 217 participants. This year alone Viva impacted 1,150 students, parents, teachers, volunteers and also contributed to four intern hires in 2019 resulting in a 28% increase from 2018.

Why It Matters

Lockheed Martin has been a strategic partner with GMIS since 1989. For 31 years, this relationship has been key to prepare the next generation of talent. STEM careers continue to be on the rise and the need to attract technical and diverse talent is even more critical to ensure our future success. Without GMIS, Lockheed Martin would not be able to achieve this critical element of our business strategy. Unique programs like VIVA Technology leverages our Diversity STEM strategy to brand, engage and recruit. As we think about the Future of Work, we understand that technology will shape the way in which we work. We will continue to extend our relationships to partners like GMIS which is critical to advancing the STEM field.

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Great Minds in STEM

Attendees of the Great Minds in STEM conference are inspired and ignited while engaging with, Chairman, President and CEO Marillyn A. Hewson.

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Lockheed Martin Campus Days: Your Mission is Ours

What we did

Lockheed Martin Campus Days enlists enterprise-wide collaboration to showcase our campus, recruit top talent in critical skills majors, and extend same-day offers at colleges and universities that Lockheed Martin partners with to identify early talent.

Lockheed Martin Days help to raise awareness of the company while supporting hiring for critical skills and diversity. In the 2018-2019 academic year, minority-serving institutions, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), with a Lockheed Martin Campus Day saw an average of 131% increase in year-over-year hiring results, compared to previous years when there was no Lockheed Martin Campus Day.

The Lockheed Martin Your Mission is Ours message resonated at Tuskegee University during Lockheed Martin Day events in September 2019. Over 50 Lockheed Martin executives and team members participated, interacting with Tuskegee students, faculty, and staff on the alignment of one of our shared missions — preparing students to thrive in a campus-driven workforce, working to solve some of the world’s most complex and challenging problems. The event included:

  • Recruitment and campus showcase, which resulted in 46 on-the-spot job offers to Tuskegee students, increasing the Tuskegee year-over-year hires by at least 68%, compared to years when there was no Lockheed Martin Campus Day at that university
  • UH-60 Helicopter landing on Tuskegee grounds and providing students the opportunity to sit in the cockpit and learn about the instrumentation
  • Lockheed Martin technical talks and information sessions for students interested in finance, business operations, and engineering
  • Executive networking with Tuskegee deans, faculty, and students from the Schools of Business and Engineering
  • Executive meeting with the Tuskegee University president and tour of Tuskegee Engineering labs
  • Tuskegee Airmen Museum Tour for Lockheed Martin employees

Why it matters

Lockheed Martin has been named the top corporate sponsor of HBCU engineering programs for five consecutive years. Investing in students and programs at minority-serving institutions like Tuskegee is part of our overall strategy to advance STEM education and to secure a diverse talent pool for the Lockheed Martin workforce. Lockheed Martin Campus Days are tangible evidence of that commitment. It provides a significant lift in hires and branding, and demonstrates that the promise of partnership in our Your Mission is Ours slogan is who we are, not just what we say. In the ongoing search for top talent, who we are is a competitive advantage. Lockheed Martin Campus Days are proven to advance STEM talent opportunities at Lockheed Martin.

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Lockheed Martin Campus Days

A Tuskegee University student receives a lesson on instrumentation in a UH-60 helicopter.

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Workplace Safety Results1

Annual TargetAchieved

Day Away Case Rate

Day Away Case Rate

Severity (Lost Days) Rate

Severity (Lost Days) Rate

1 Our annual goals are established using a three-year rate calculated from our previous three years of performance. Each rate is calculated per 100 employees, working 40 hours per week for 50 weeks per year. Metrics include all U.S. employees and contract labor working under company supervision at domestic Lockheed Martin facilities, which account for approximately 89% of our global workforce. Employees operating outside of the United States and in theater (war zones) are not included in this data. Data is adjusted to reflect business changes: data from 2014-2015 includes former business segment Information Systems & Global Solutions (IS&GS); data beginning 2016 includes Sikorsky and excludes IS&GS.


2019 Ergo Cup Competition

Lockheed Martin was recognized as an industry leader in ergonomics, with four employee teams accepted as finalists and invited to participate in the Applied Ergonomics Conference Ergo Cup competition. The event gave our teams opportunities to showcase their innovative solutions to reduce risk and injury in the workplace. Competing among a field of 72 finalists from various industries across the globe, two teams, one from our Rotary and Mission Systems and one from our Space business areas, won first place in their respective categories: Engineering/Ergonomist-Driven Workplace Solutions and Ergonomics Program Improvement Initiatives.

Since their implementation in the workplace, the ergonomic innovations developed by our teams have yielded outstanding workplace safety and wellness results. They are also projected to deliver annual combined savings of $2 million from avoided injuries and increased process efficiency gains.

2019 Ergo Cup Competition

Showcasing one of the two Lockheed Martin Ergo Cup winners, an engineer simulates maintenance operations in an immersive virtual environment.

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2019 International Women’s Day

Lockheed Martin held the second annual International Women’s Day in support of women within our workforce, across the globe, and in concert with the worldwide International Women’s Day campaign. Through this event, we continued the global conversation on gender equity and women’s advancement – in alignment with the theme: “#BalanceforBetter”. Attendance drew over 1,200 employees who participated at 46 sites worldwide, which was an over 50% increase in participation and 500% increase in participating sites compared with 2018. The event showcased panels focused on the manager/female talent relationship, the role that allies play, and actions that can be taken to move the needle on inclusiveness within the workplace.

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2019 International Women’s Day

At Lockheed Martin, we have various initiatives to recruit, retain, and develop women in our workforce. About 400 women and allies came together to reflect on the theme, "Brave. Balanced. And Breaking Through" at Women's Impact Network Leadership Forum hosted at the Lockheed Martin Center for Leadership Excellence.


Enterprise-Wide ELOIT Alumni Engagement Initiative

The Effective Leadership of Inclusive Teams (ELOIT) initiative equips senior leadership to be catalysts for inclusion by heightening their awareness of demographic challenges and creating a forum for exploring personal perspectives and candid discussion. The inaugural corporate-wide ELOIT Alumni Engagement sessions were held in April and September and provided an opportunity for more than 60 executives who have passed through the ELOIT session over five years ago to refresh and further their understanding of inclusivity challenges and solutions. These workshops also allowed alumni to engage in dialogue connecting their day-to-day activities with the ELOIT learnings as well as to diversity and inclusion culture initiatives. As of 2019, 70.7% of all leaders have participated in an ELOIT experience.

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Tier 2

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education


Efforts to support STEM education to develop and recruit engineers and scientists for our workforce.


More than half of college students abandon science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) majors before graduation. While this is on par with the percentage of all students who elect to change their majors prior to graduation, it’s a sobering statistic for the aerospace and defense industry which is facing increased competition to attract and retain new talent. That’s why Lockheed Martin is partnering with local schools and organizations like Project Lead the Way (PLTW) to create high school and college internships that inspire students to stay on the academic path to rewarding careers in STEM.

PLTW is one of many strategic partnerships supported by Lockheed Martin to strengthen the workforce pipeline. Lockheed Martin is committed to a program of philanthropy that supports the Corporation’s strategic business goals, primarily in the focus areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and military and veteran causes.

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