Minimizing the likelihood and impact of cybersecurity incidents on our business operations and customer missions and protecting business-sensitive, customer, and personal information from external and internal threats.

The Science

We rely on security thought leaders, talented cyber analysts, cutting-edge technology, employee vigilance, and innovative processes to defend against advanced cybersecurity threats across our value chain.

The Science

Securing operations and infrastructure for our global teams, our customers, and our supply chain strengthens the stability and resilience of the hyper-connected society we seek to protect.

Information Security


  • Sensitive Data and Intellectual Property ProtectionProtecting company and supplier proprietary information to reduce the likelihood of data fraud, loss, sabotage, and theft.

  • Customer Information Systems and Network SecurityEnsuring our products and processes capture, store, and transfer data securely to protect the privacy and security of customer information and reduce the likelihood of data fraud, loss, sabotage, and theft.

  • Employee Privacy and Data ProtectionProtecting the privacy and integrity of employee data to reduce the likelihood of data fraud, loss, sabotage, and theft.


Securing the Defense Industry Supply Chain

What we did

Lockheed Martin is leading our nation’s efforts to secure the supply chain for the defense industry. Our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) chairs the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Sector Coordinating Council (SCC). In partnership with the Department of Defense (DOD), the DIB SCC serves as the primary private-sector policy coordination and planning entity for security, resilience, and critical infrastructure protection for the U.S. defense industry. Under our CISO’s leadership, the DIB SCC established the Supply Chain Cybersecurity Industry Task Force in April 2019 with the goal of eliminating vulnerabilities and protecting critical national security information.

Why this matters

As our CISO explained, "This task force will use the DIB SCC construct to serve as a focal point for industry collaboration across the supply chain, leveraging input and efforts from small to large companies. Our objective is to help identify and implement adversarial-focused solutions that enhance the cyber posture of companies throughout the multi-tier supply chain".

The formation of this task force marks the continued evolution of information sharing and collaboration within the defense industry, and sharply focuses on supply chain cybersecurity activities and will serve as an ongoing mechanism to drive change to improve the resilience of the DIB. Initial focus areas for the task force include evolving requirements to focus on advanced persistent threat tactics, enhancing oversight and accountability, and establishing enduring partnerships across industry and with the DOD. Task Force members are comprised of small, medium, and large companies that form the DIB SCC.


Software Vendor Information Security Screening

Counterintelligence Operations and Corporate Investigations (COCI) and Corporate Information Security (CIS) partnered to develop and implement a centralized pre-procurement screening process for reviewing all proposed software vendor acquisitions from a Counterintelligence perspective and providing recommendations based on that research. Once a request is received, COCI conducts a comprehensive review of all available resources and provides relevant findings. Because software vendors represent an area of high vulnerability to the enterprise, the evaluation looks for indications of any intelligence-related concern that could negatively impact the integrity of Lockheed Martin’s network.

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Protecting the Middle Way

Another area of securing information with collaboration is through an initiative called Protecting the Middle Way. This initiative focuses on applying enhanced security safeguards to some of our most sensitive unclassified research efforts. Through a partnership with the Chief Technology Officer, Security, COCI, and CIS, we work with program managers to identify areas of potential vulnerability for sensitive data and then collaborate on developing defenses to those vulnerabilities. By applying these defenses early on in technology development, Lockheed Martin is showing its commitment to ensuring an uncompromised delivery of future customer programs as technologies are leveraged to support future Defense Department mission needs.

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