Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter jet preparing for takeoff.

2020 Sustainability Management Plan Performance Summary

We are pleased to share Lockheed Martin’s achievements on our 2020 SMP core issues, factors and goals. These goals have driven performance improvements in the areas considered most significant to our business when the 2020 SMP was originally developed in 2015. Details on the performance against these goals can be found on the Key Factor pages in this report.

Business Integrity

Factor Sustainability Metric Achievement
Ethical Governance and Leadership Meet or exceed global benchmark for Ethics Index based on All Employee Survey Success
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Controls Achieve 100% completion rate of applicable employee training on Business Courtesies and International Business Conduct Compliance Training (BCCT) modules Success
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Controls Achieve 100% completion rate of applicable training on Ethics for business consultants Success
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Controls Assess risks for all international consultants and other consultants identified through audits Success
Supplier Conduct Increase participation in our ethics supplier mentoring program Success
Responsible Sales Maintain transparency of hardware exports made without regulatory authorizations as a percentage of all exports Success

Product Impact

Factor Sustainability Metric Achievement
Global Infrastructure Needs Achieve $4 billion in annual product sales with direct, measurable benefits to energy and advanced infrastructure resiliency Success
Total Cost of Ownership Add criteria to fully identify cost drivers early in product design cycle within each Business Area’s proposal planning and proposal review processes Success
Total Cost of Ownership Achieve ≥$700M in cumulative corporate cost and supply chain efficiencies Success
Total Cost of Ownership Generate $1 billion of life-cycle cost reductions from manufactured products related to the use of resources and impacts on human health and the environment Success
Product Safety Track and report product failure or nonconformance due to manufacturing processes Success
Counterfeit Parts Prevention Maintain or reduce instances of counterfeit parts in delivered systems Partial Success. For more information please see the Counterfeit Parts Prevention page.

Employee Wellbeing

Factor Sustainability Metric  Achievement
Workplace Safety and Wellness Achieve or outperform day away case and severity rate goals Partial Success. For more information please see the Workplace Safety and Wellness page.
Talent Development Maintain a lower voluntary attrition rate among top performing employees as compared to the employee population Success
Talent Development Increase succession planning for senior leadership Success
Talent Recruitment Achieve an intern conversion rate of greater than, or equal to, 50% conversion Success
Diversity & Inclusion Develop the best workforce for our customers by increasing representation of women, people of color, veterans and people with disabilities Partial Success. For more information please see the Diversity & Inclusion page.
Diversity & Inclusion Increase employee participation in company-sponsored diversity events, Business Resource Groups (BRGs) and leadership associations Success

Resource Efficiency

Factor Sustainability Metric  Achievement
Energy and Carbon Management Reduce energy use by 25%, scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 35% and water use by 30% Partial Success. For more information please see the Energy and Carbon Management Page
Energy and Carbon Management Increase square footage of facilities with green building certifications Success
Energy and Carbon Management Increase annual renewable energy consumption Success
Energy and Carbon Management Help energy customers reduce carbon emissions by at least twice the carbon impact of our business operations[1]

Retired in 2019

[1] With the divestiture of our Distributed Energy Solutions Group in November 2019, we retired this goal last year.


Information Security

Factor Sustainability Metric  Achievement
Sensitive Data and Intellectual Property
Customer Information Systems and Network Security
Monitor employee cybersecurity engagement to counter malicious email threats and monitor number of vulnerabilities per device on core IT networks Success
Monitor data loss incidents that occur within core IT networks for business operations Success
We track two other proprietary goals to improve the security of sensitive data and intellectual property and IT networks Partial Success. We do not disclose performance data related to these proprietary goals.
Employee Privacy and Data Protection Achieve annual recertification of EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework Success