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In today’s complex and dynamic world, innovation is more critical than ever for achieving our shared aspirations for sustainable progress.

At Lockheed Martin, the imperative to innovate has always been at the center of how we do business. And because of our commitment to our core values – to do what’s right, respect others, and perform with excellence – we are driven to innovate with purpose and integrity in everything we do. As we look around the world, it is clear that governments and businesses face a host of 21st century challenges. Technology has accelerated the pace of change and made the global economy more connected than ever. With increased trade and interconnectedness, we have seen global security threats grow in their potential impact – from the cost of debilitating cyber attacks to asymmetric warfare and economic contagions. We have also seen governments and industry identify other risks, such as climate change, which demand far-sighted action and collaborative efforts to ensure effective environmental stewardship.

In light of these challenges and more, Lockheed Martin’s team of scientists, engineers, and innovators is dedicated to setting clear goals to create visionary solutions to drive progress. This report demonstrates just some of the exciting work we are doing – and how we are increasing the efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of our business. In this report, you can see that we continued to find ways to integrate sustainability and effective risk-management practices to inform our strategic decisions at the highest levels in 2017. And we made great strides in assessing and managing aspects of our business performance. This enabled us to determine how risks and opportunities in the corporate governance, social, and environmental realms could impact our bottom line, and more importantly, our communities and stakeholders. Ultimately, we saw strong business performance and solid progress toward achieving our Sustainability Management Plan objectives for 2017. These results indicate the positive impact that proactively sustainable business practices have had on our success.

As we look at our strategy for growth in years to come, we consider five core areas:

Business Integrity: We cultivate a culture of ethical conduct with employees, and we conduct business with the utmost integrity.

Product Impact: We focus on continually improving the efficiency of our design and production processes in order to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable products and services to our customers.

Employee Wellbeing: We create an inclusive and engaging workplace environment that fosters a spirit of innovation and encourages high performance.

Resource Efficiency: We pioneer technologies and implement processes to mitigate risks and protect the environment.

Information Security: We secure our infrastructure and operations against cyber security attacks and expand access to these preventive technologies to our customer base.

Throughout this report, you will learn more about how each of these core areas shape the execution of sustainable practices across our enterprise. You will also see case studies that illustrate how we support our customers, provide value to our stockholders, engage our employees, strengthen our communities, and protect the environment.

As a leader in solving complex challenges, advancing scientific discoveries, and delivering innovative solutions to protect global security, we recognize the potential for us to have a positive impact and influence on the future. For this reason, we are committed to being good corporate citizens and exemplifying sustainable and ethical business practices that mirror Lockheed Martin’s core values.

The results documented in this report are a credit to the 97,000 men and women of Lockheed Martin who come to work to make a difference each day. They reflect the vision, values, and sense of mission that enable our strong performance and drive future growth. And they underscore the imperative for each individual and every corporation to create the innovations and embrace the sustainable practices that will ensure a brighter tomorrow.

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