The Sikorsky S-92 helicopter has performed more than 91,000 search and rescue missions worldwide

The Sikorsky S-92 helicopter has performed more than 91,000 search and rescue missions worldwide


To deliver optimal life-cycle value by engineering innovative solutions for resilient energy, global security, telecommunications and other critical infrastructure.

As a systems integrator, we continually improve the efficiency and functionality of our products and services – designing, implementing and bringing together technologies and software for our customers.

Our focus on performance and sustainability delivers safe, reliable, affordable products that support our customers’ missions of national security, citizen services and sustainable development.

Sustainability factors

Through our biennial assessment of sustainability issues, we classified two tiers of priorities: Tier 1 performance factors where we seek to accelerate progress by setting targets for 2017 and 2020; and Tier 2 factors that we will advance through continued management and disclosure, without setting new SMP goals. We define Business Integrity through these factors:

Tier 1

Total Cost of Ownership

Making our products more affordable by improving product quality, efficiency and performance, increasing resiliency and providing services to extend their useful lives.

Product Safety

Advancing rigorous safety and quality controls throughout design and manufacturing processes to ensure the use of our products and services does not pose uncontrolled or unacceptable risks to customers, employees, suppliers or the general public.

Counterfeit Parts Prevention

Efforts to prevent counterfeit parts from entering the company’s supply chain and potentially affecting product quality, safety and performance.

Global infrastructure needs

Bringing innovative products to market to help scale the advanced infrastructure required for sustainable development, future climate resiliency and national security efforts, and deliver reliable and secure energy, communications, logistics and systems that protect human health.

Tier 2

Product Eco-Innovation

Accounting for material efficiency, reusability and use-phase emissions and energy consumption throughout product design, development and maintenance.

Case study

Protecting Our Supply Chain from Counterfeit Parts

Industry reports of counterfeit electronic parts infiltrating the aerospace and defense supply chain have increased in the past several years. We train our supply chain professionals on the latest trends, techniques and regulations and ensure our policies reflect best practices to help protect our business and the customers who use our products.
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Energy Storage Powers Progress

In 2017, we delivered GridStar™ Lithium energy storage systems for a variety of projects. These include projects that reduce electricity costs for commercial and industrial users, and those that enable solar energy to be stored and used at times of day when the utility needs it most.
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Lockheed Martin–Series Satellite Family

In 2017, we introduced a family of versatile satellite solutions that, for the first time, share hundreds of standardized components to shorten time to market, reduce cost and increase reliability. The Lockheed Martin Space portfolio has 400 common parts, which drives millions in cost savings.
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Advancing the Safety and Efficiency of Autonomous Technology

In 2017, we opened the Lockheed Martin Autonomous Systems Facility in Littleton, Colorado, to advance our technology in military and everyday applications. The lab builds solutions such as the Squad Mission Support System, used to transport army packs and equipment, provide a mobile power source for troops in the field and support a variety of tasks including casualty evacuations.
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