Water Management

Water availability is a growing area of global concern. We’ve spent several years identifying and studying water management opportunities at facilities in the highest water-stressed regions to understand where operations might be affected by water constraints and how to be better water stewards in these communities. In 2022, we updated our water supply risk analysis and used the results in coordination with water balance analyses to further develop action plans and implement solutions. These studies help us understand water sources, how water is used and discharged, and water efficiency opportunities. Examples include:

  • Waterton, Colorado: We conducted a water balance for Space Waterton and identified opportunities for installing additional meters and condensate return. A follow-up study was conducted this year on the condensate return and Lockheed Martin is awaiting the result of that study for potential project implementation in 2024.
  • An example includes a study at the site Marietta, Georgia: Due to a large reduction in the number of employees at this facility, the existing piping infrastructure is not being used to full capacity. As a result, stagnant water must be regularly flushed out of pipes. To reduce water use, re-piping of the facility was proposed and recently approved. Once completed over the next 10 years, the site is estimated to save up to 70-75 million gallons of water per year. Engineering and design of the projects began in 2023.

We also consider water efficiency opportunities when we review sites for energy efficiency projects. For example, steam conversion and chiller upgrades result in both energy and water savings.

Last updated: April 2024