Water Management

Water availability is a growing area of global concern. While the impacts to Lockheed Martin operations may vary based on geographic location, we work proactively to identify current issues and solutions, as well as future risks across our enterprise and the communities where we operate.

In 2019, we conducted a water supply risk analysis to identify our facilities in the highest water-stressed regions and those predicted to be in stressed regions out to 2040. In 2021, we used this analysis to prioritize and execute water balances and associated water conservation activities. We've completed five water balance analyses at facilities in Fort Worth, TX, Waterton, CO, Palmdale, CA, Sunnyvale, CA, and Marietta, GA. In addition to mapping where water sources originate, how it is used in these facilities and how it is discharged, the analyses identify opportunities for efficiency. In 2022, we updated our water supply risk analysis using the World Resource Institute's Aqueduct Water Risk Atlas water mapping tool to better understand water risks and opportunities at Lockheed Martin sites. We used these results in coordination with water balance analyses at the following three additional sites in 2022 to further develop action plans and implement solutions.

  • Waterton, CO: Our water balance analysis at this site indicated a need for additional metering. We are pursuing additional studies to narrow down and prioritize effective metering locations. The study identified 36 locations to install meters which will allow the site to monitor and respond to water use.
  • Marietta, GA: Due to a large reduction in the number of employees at this facility, the existing piping infrastructure is not being used to full capacity. As a result, stagnant water must be flushed out of pipes on a regular basis. To reduce water use, re-piping of the facility was proposed and recently approved. Once completed over the next 10 years, the site is estimated to save 70-75 million gallons of water per year. Engineering and design of the projects will begin in 2023.
  • Palmdale, CA: To promote water conservation, we completed installation of 2,000 square feet of artificial grass. This project is estimated to save an estimated 1.3 million gallons of water annually.

In addition, to help further prioritize sites and future projects, we conducted field surveys at approximately 30 sites to determine how serious water constraints might affect operations and how Lockheed Martin could be a better water steward in these communities. We are also coordinating efforts with other Lockheed Martin energy-efficiency projects to insert relevant water management strategies and create synergies that result in water savings.